Psychiatric Consultation

All patients are seen for one or more initial consultation appointments to:

  • Review their psychiatric treatment history
  • Gather information from significant others, psychiatrists, therapists and primary care physicians
  • Discuss their treatment options in detail
  • Collaboratively establish an initial treatment plan

Most patients referred to SeattleNTC are taking one or more psychiatric medications to help manage depression, mood swings, anxiety and other symptoms. The SeattleNTC psychiatrists provide expert guidance to manage a patient’s medications while undergoing TMS or ECT, often in close collaboration with the referring psychiatrist or other prescribing physician. As experts in psychopharmacology, we can also provide second opinions regarding medication management.

Several psychiatrists at SeattleNTC also provide ongoing medication management and general psychiatric care.

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

If symptoms are severe enough to impair basic daily functions, or if suicidal thoughts and urges become difficult to manage on an outpatient basis, a brief period of inpatient psychiatric care may be helpful or even necessary.

SeattleNTC’s physicians are closely connected with the Swedish Medical Center Behavioral Health Unit and can provide psychiatric consultation for patients needing inpatient care. SeattleNTC’s doctors are experienced in caring for patients undergoing ECT and also with managing complex medication and psychological treatment.

The SeattleNTC team has extensive training and professional experience in the hospital setting. Dr. Ken Melman was Medical Director of Behavioral Health Services at Providence Seattle Medical Center and Swedish Medical Center for several years before founding SeattleNTC. Dr. Joshua Bess was Medical Director of the Adult Inpatient Unit at University of Michigan Medical Center.

The SeattleNTC psychiatrists can evaluate whether outpatient or inpatient care is most appropriate and can help arrange inpatient care when it is needed.


"I would say that SeattleNTC is an incredible partner for anyone suffering any kind of mental health issue. Again, I can primarily speak for those with depression, but I would tell anyone who’s dealing with mental health issues: SeattleNTC is on the cutting edge. The staff and the doctors are extremely caring and extremely talented people. Compassionate. Very interested in the outcome and the ongoing of all their treatment." - ECT & TMS patient - Karen (45yo)


"I started the TMS. Overnight, it's like I came back to life. So far, it's kept sticking around and I've reconnected with my church groups, my community of work." – TMS patient - Jim (62yo)


"I'm very, very satisfied with the results and I think I made the right decision. SeattleNTC and Dr. Melman came highly recommended in this field. One of the best! This gave me a lot of confidence going into the treatment. I wake up every morning with gratefulness that I am now happy. My energy level is off the charts. My family is no longer suffering due to my depression. The closeness and love we share is priceless!" – TMS patient – Jessica (41yo)


"There’s never a glitch or a moment of stress. Everybody’s attuned to you. Somebody’s there to make sure you’re ok. It’s amazing. They hold your hand through the whole procedure. I can’t say enough good about it" - ECT patient – Bertie (71yo)


"I knew that there had to be something. I couldn’t had run out of luck at this point." - TMS patient – Maria (45yo)


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