Updated COVID-19 Precautions (March 2020) | Seattle NTC

Updated COVID-19 Precautions (March 2020)

By March 25, 2020Uncategorized

As recommendations regarding the novel coronavirus have updated, we have made the following changes to our policies:

1) The novel coronavirus can produce GI symptoms, such as diarrhea, and at times this may be the only symptom patients experience. As such, if you have ANY symptoms, staff and patients are being asked to please stay home.

2) We ask that patients wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before entering the clinic.

3) Based upon updated guidance, all staff and patients should be asymptomatic for 72 hours prior to returning to work/treatment. Please continue to ask for clarification if you are not sure which timeline applies to your situation.

4) Consistent with recommendations from the Department of Health and Gov. Inslee’s office, we are continuing to work to minimize the number of people who need to be on-site at any given time, including urging that all office visits, to the extent possible, be completed by telehealth unless you are already in the office for a treatment..

Thank you, and please stay safe and healthy!